Pure Arts Communications specialises in strategic planning, governance and communications services for grassroots community groups and non-profits.

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I’m Dr Louise Merrington, and I’m dedicated to helping community groups and non-profits improve their governance and communications, no matter where you’re at in the process. My philosophy is simple – I empower my clients by giving them tools strategies to help themselves and their organisations.

Unfortunately, many community groups only realise the importance of good governance and clear communications when something goes terribly wrong – you may have a reputational crisis (all too common with social media), or face a serious issue like a sexual harassment allegation. You may even run afoul of state or federal regulatory bodies if the organisation isn’t conducting itself appropriately (such as holding annual general meetings).

The good news is that proper strategic planning can help avert many of these issues before they become crises, and ensure your organisation is set up for the future. Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in. I can help you every step of the way.


Governance, Strategic Planning and Strategic Communications

I work on a consultative basis with community groups and not-for-profits to help them improve their governance, conduct strategic planning (e.g. determine organisational direction, develop policies and procedures) and develop strategic communications plans (e.g. determining purpose, audience, medium, message and content).

I generally work with organisations in two main ways, but please contact me to discuss your needs.

Project basis

I can work with your organisation on a specific project, such as developing a strategic communications plan. A quote will be provided for the entire project (usually payable in two equal instalments, on commencement and completion) so when requesting a quote, please provide a detailed scope of the project, including tasks required and deadlines. The more detailed your brief, the more accurate my quote!


Under the retainer model, your organisation purchases a certain amount of my time on a regular basis (e.g. 4 hours per week), and you then provide me with tasks to do before each session. The minimum retainer period is 2 months. The advantages of a retainer are:

  • Discount on my regular rate
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Task-by-task basis – you don’t necessarily have to have the full project mapped out at the start (although it helps!)

Please contact me for further information about consultation services or to discuss your organisation’s requirements.


I have two years’ experience (and counting) running full- and multi-day training courses, and I offer a number of different training options.

The 7-Day Communications Strategy – free email course

In this free email course, you’ll receive seven bite-sized emails over seven days, leading you through a step-by-step process to develop a communications strategy for your organisation.  Find out more here.

Communications for Volunteers – face-to-face

The Communications for Volunteers (Level 1) course is currently structured as a 10-hour evening course, broken into five 2-hour sessions. However, it can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. A Level 2 course is also available.

Please see below for an outline of course content. These courses are designed for participants with no communications or marketing background. The Level 1 course is entry-level; the Level 2 course assumes some familiarity with the basic concepts discussed in Level 1.

Level 1

  1. External communications
  2. Websites and social media
  3. Promotions, design and marketing materials
  4. Traditional media (newspapers, radio and television)
  5. Improving your writing

Level 2

  1. Internal communications
  2. Developing a comprehensive social media strategy
  3. Designing your own website
  4. Op-ed writing and extended interview skills
  5. Writing for the web and social media

Online training – coming soon!

Over the next few months I’ll be developing a comprehensive online training package for volunteer organisations. To find out about these training courses as soon as they’re released, please sign up to the Pure Arts Communications mailing list.

Editing and Proofreading

I’ve worked as a professional editor for five years, both freelance and with government. I offer editing, proofreading and formatting services, specialising in organisational documents such as annual reports or marketing material. Please read my Editing Services Guide (pdf,  189kB) for more information on what each service entails, or contact me for a quote.


My new book, Communications for Volunteers: Low-Cost Strategies for Community Groups, is available now. Designed for volunteers with little or no background in communications and marketing, it introduces communications in an accessible, easy-to-understand way and provides straightforward, low-cost strategies for your organisation. Find out more here.


Useful Tools: Blogs

Every month I’ll be highlighting a free or low-cost tool that community groups and not-for-profits can use to improve their marketing and communications. This month’s focus is on blogs. A blog (short for ‘weblog’) is a regularly updated site written in a conversational style. Blogs originally started out as online diaries written by individuals, but …

Useful Tools: Social media management tools

Every month I’ll be highlighting a free or low-cost tool that community groups and not-for-profits can use to improve their marketing and communications. This month’s focus is on social media management tools. With the proliferation of social media networks in recent years, it’s become increasingly difficult for businesses in particular to keep up with the …

Useful Tools: Cloud storage

Every month I’ll be highlighting a free or low-cost tool that community groups and not-for-profits can use to improve their marketing and communications. This month’s focus is on cloud storage. Cloud storage—where your documents are stored online in ‘the cloud’ rather than on your computer’s hard drive—has been around for a while now, but many …


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