Training Courses

Learn how to position your academic or artistic career in a world of rapidly changing technology.

One of the foremost complaints from academics and artists is that they now have to spend time on ‘outreach’ and self-promotion rather than research or creation. Whether it’s producing social media posts, writing newspaper opinion pieces or interacting with journalists, Pure Arts Communications’ wide range of practical communications training will help you reach your target audiences in a structured, efficient way, saving you valuable time and effort.

Click on the categories below to explore what we offer. We can also tailor courses to suit your organisation’s needs.

We also offer individual consultations, including editing and personal communications strategy development. These can also be used by organisations as follow-ups to our group training courses.

For enquiries about courses that are under development or are not listed here, please contact us.

Strategic Communications

Learn to reach your target audiences in ways that save you time and effort and meet university outreach requirements.

Writing and Editing

Learn to write opinion pieces for mainstream newspapers, engaging social media posts and more.


Learn how to enhance your communication through the use of visual media, including by perfecting your fieldwork photography and telling stories visually.

PhD and Postdoctoral Induction Programs

Our PhD and Postdoctoral Induction Programs are full-day courses that introduce HDR students and early-career researchers to the fundamentals of research communication.

Bespoke Courses

We can design communications and outreach courses to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss options and quotes.