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Why do we need a communications strategy anyway?

One of the most common mistakes I see from not-for-profits is communication without a defined purpose. Most people and organisations think about their communications method or medium without ever thinking strategically about their audience or message. This means that they feel they have to have a presence everywhere: on multiple social media networks, on the web and in the traditional media. But because this presence is so wide, it’s often spread too thinly and is poorly maintained.

Developing a communications strategy allows you to better target your efforts and save you time and energy. It ensures you’re only active in the places where you’re most likely to reach your audience, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

That sounds like a lot of work…

A communications strategy is one of those things that can seem pretty daunting. It’s difficult to make time when there’s always a hundred other things to be done in your organisation, and that’s before you even take your regular life into account!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard! Mostly, it’s about answering a series of targeted questions, which will give you a better insight into what you want to achieve with your organisation.

With the free 7-Day Communications Strategy challenge, you’ll receive a bite-sized email every day for a week that will guide you each step of the way. By spending just 30 minutes a day for 7 days you’ll have a clear, straightforward communications strategy for your organisation. And all for free!