Useful Tools: Blogs

Every month I’ll be highlighting a free or low-cost tool that community groups and not-for-profits can use to improve their marketing and communications. This month’s focus is on blogs. A blog (short for ‘weblog’) is a regularly updated site written in a conversational style. Blogs originally started out as online diaries written by individuals, butContinue reading “Useful Tools: Blogs”

Working with freelancers

Many community groups and small nonprofits are operating on very tight budgets and are forced to do a lot of the day-to-day work themselves. But every now and again you’ll probably find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a professional to help you. If you decide that you need to hire aContinue reading “Working with freelancers”

Developing an effective mailing list

In December’s Useful Tools post, we looked at options for email list providers, and why it’s a good idea to use a service such as MailChimp. But once you’ve got your list set up, how can you best use it to reach your audience? Once you’ve decided to set up a mailing list, you needContinue reading “Developing an effective mailing list”

Trove – National Library of Australia

The internet has opened up a host of treasures, and never more so than when it comes to accessing historical or digitised information. Once upon a time, if a community group wanted to engage with historical sources – either by researching or sharing them – they had to go through a laborious process of librariesContinue reading “Trove – National Library of Australia”

Storytelling for community groups

Here at Pure Arts Communications, among other things, I run two kinds of writing training – professional writing for organisations, and fiction writing (because, when I don’t have my PAC hat on, you can find me writing fiction under the name L.M. Merrington). One of the great misconceptions I encounter, however, is that the gulfContinue reading “Storytelling for community groups”

Authentic communication

One of the biggest sticking points for community organisations when it comes to outreach is worry about having to engage in ‘marketing’ or self-promotion. Terms like ‘personal brand’ can give the impression that we have to create something apart from ourselves, a persona that’s disconnected from who we really are. This is particularly alarming ifContinue reading “Authentic communication”