I’ve been working with editors for many years, and Louise stands out. Her attention to detail is exceptional, but not only that, she understands the intent of a piece, and edits to bring that intent to the fore.  She is efficient, kind and completely professional.  It is a pleasure to recommend her as a candidate for membership and I would recommend her to anyone looking for high-calibre editing services. 

Matt Fenwick, founder, True North Content

Louise has been in contact with me for several months now and has been a great source of knowledge and information on book publishing.

I chose Louise to edit my own book as I could see she has a high level of capability in this area. As a writer, it’s important that my style is respected and understood, while the content also flows and is grammatically correct. Louise has an in-depth understanding of English rules and language, and was able to provide me with an editing service which not only corrected my mistakes and inconsistencies, but also gave feedback on how to improve my writing.

Louise is very well-versed in grammar, punctuation, and writing skills, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a book editor.

Mem Davis, author